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Outsourced HR and Payroll


Outsource of HR and Payroll functions allows you

to reduce administrative burden and

at the same time maintain confidentiality of the remuneration scheme

for your staff.

OUTSOURCE OF HR ADMINISTRATION FUNCTIONS. There is no need for you to perform routine tasks. But you need a trusted partner to stay compliant. We set up, maintain and update employee files according to labour legislation and your internal regulations. At the same time, we maintain and update employee records in the HR Management System. We make sure that your company stays compliant with labour legislation and requirements, whether you hire new employees, promote them to new positions or when they leave your business. 

Our HR Administration Service includes but not limited to:

  • Management of employee relations in accordance with Azerbaijan Republic labor legislation: administration of employment agreements, registration in e-government system, attendance and leave, payroll administration, taxation issues associated with each employee.Preparation of employment contract (full-time, office, site/offshore, office-offshore (if required), shifts, etc.).
  • Preparation of the internal order. (i.e. termination, vacations, sick leaves, promotions, title/salary change, etc.).
  • Obtaining social protection / pension card.
  • Obtaining Labor Books.
  • Ensuring all relevant records are timely made to the Labor Books.
  • Organizing a relevant pre-employment medical check-up.
  • Organizing regular medical check-ups.
  • Organizing pre-employment background check-ups.
  • Organizing employees’ accident, disability and employers liability insurances.
  • Organizing employees’ medical insurance.
  • Creating and maintaining employees’ personal files: preparation of a checklist listing all documents required to be located in a personal file.
  • Vacations, sick leaves, absentees administration.
  • Manage travel administration (visa, tickets, business trip and etc.).
  • Work places assessment process.
  • Provide support and advice regarding any employment issue concerning the HRC employee working on the Client’s premises.
  • Regular communication with the Employee and the Client to ensure Customer satisfaction with the employee’s performance.

Labour legislation is complex and open to varied interpretations. What matters then is a practical application of regulations to real-life business situations. You will benefit from our hands-on experience to avoid pitfalls and complexities of the legislation. 

OUTSOURCE OF PAYROLL FUNCTIONS. We have been in the payroll business for the past 15 years and understand the need to be flexible and responsive to the last minute changes or requirements to set up a new wage type.  

We deliver fully flexible Payroll Administration Service. This service is available to businesses across all industries regardless of how many people are employed.

The primary objectives of the service are to free up client time, offer specialist experience and expertise, provide all clients with a dedicated payroll expert and generate meaningful cost-savings.

Our Payroll Administration Service incudes but not limited to:

  • Payroll and salary-related tax calculations for regular employees and temporary staff.
  • Calculation of payments for sick leave and holidays.
  • Payslips for every employee (e-payslips or printed).
  • Detailed reports for payroll calculation, holiday calculation and sick leave compensation.
  • Preparation of payment documents.