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FMCG / Medical Representative


Vacancy ID: Req/000118

Date: 12 June 2013

Deadline: 24 June 2013

Work conditions: Full time

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan


Main responsibilities:

  • Provide recommendations to medical staff of our product through competent and well organized,
    detailed medical presentations and conferences;
  • Maintain and promptly update the list of contacts;
  • Constantly look for opportunities for new contacts and classify existing ones using objective criteria;
  • Ensure the set frequency of contacts with health professionals;
  • Always be informed about stocks, sales, trading conditions, price policy and its competitive products;
  • Take an active part in the organization of health care meetings and conferences.

Required Qualifications and Experience :

  • Completed higher medical or pharmaceutical education;
  • 27-35 years;
  • Willing to work in the field of promotion;
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Word Excel Power Point);
  • Initiative, ability and willingness to learn to work independently;
  • Knowledge of Azerbaijan, Russian, English (or German) languages;
  • Experience in similar role or field (preferably).


  • Guaranteed salary  + bonus (the 13th  salary at the end of the year);
  • Driver and Mobile Phone are Provided.

Salary 500-700 Azn, depending on candidate`s experience.