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Oil and Gas / Spare Parts Coordinator


Vacancy ID: Req 000700

Date: 29 July 2015

Deadline: 29 August 2015

Work conditions: Full Time

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Salary: negotiable

Job description:

  • Able to determine which - and the number of - spare parts per unit or piece of equipment necessary to guarantee a safe and uninterruptable unit (plant) operation. 
  • Must be able to correspond with OEM’s, PMC’ Material Manager and Contractor in the English language.
  • Able to set-up and maintain the spare parts administration and spare parts material tracking in a dedicated company warehousing system. 


  • This person should be made available by the newly formed company maintenance group.  
  • Should have an overall knowledge of all plant required equipment items and materials and in particular must have a sound Mechanical Engineering background.
  • Knowledge of large engineered package units such as but not limited to Compressors, HVAC, Blowers, Pump skids, Refridge Units but also large (instrument) valves etc.
  • Should have experience in operating these units including having experience with associated plant operation and maintenance groups.