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Oil and Gas / Welding Foreman


Vacancy ID: Req000701

Date: 30 July 2015

Deadline: 6 August 2015

Work conditions: Full Time

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Salary: Negotiable

Job Description:

  • Coordinate and optimize the welding production activities of the project through all its operational phases to reach the safety, quality and productivity targets. 
  • For Offshore Project the Offshore Welding Foreman will stay under the supervision of the 1st Construction Assistant. 
  • The tasks of the Offshore Welding Foreman shall be adapted to the project considered:
  • Ensure the proper implementation of operating procedures;
  • Ensure total understanding of his team and implement of all major contract requirements and project specification with the cooperation from the welding supervisor when assigned;
  • Organize on site the technical training and qualification of all relevant welding team;
  • Manage the synergies of the team members and equipment used in order to optimize the human and technical resources;
  • Organize, manage and coordinate the work of welders during the various welding techniques apply;
  • During pipeline repair operation, the welder foreman is the responsible person to coordinate the repair operation with the repair welder, NDE and QC team;
  • Organize, manage and coordinate the work of welding assistance team (beveling operators, welding equipment fitter, line up operator, spacer);
  • Organize the basic welding equipment maintenance and decide of the firing line re-organization in case of equipment breakdown;
  • Issue the welding team evaluation and propose to the vessel management the team reclassifications;
  • Support the welding inspectors, the QC Supervisors and NDE team in controlling and maintaining quality standard
  • Monitor welding parameters and report deviations identified, approve the welding parameters adjustment with the cooperation from the welding supervisor and report all modifications to the Superintendant or first assistant;
  • Ensure the welding production equipment certification with the cooperation from vessel QAQC engineer;
  • Provide production improvement solution, report any eventual problems to the Construction Superintendent or 1st Construction Assistant in the view to reach the safety, quality and productivity targets;
  • Monitor welding consumables with the cooperation from the welding supervisor and the equipment spare parts with the cooperation from the welding equipment fitter.  
  • Work Location: Offshore Operation Vessel


  • Technical education  
  • Must have at least 3 years’ experience in a similar role on a construction vessel operating in oil & gas industry 
  • Valid  professional certification
  • English (good), Azerbaijani (fluent)