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Oil and Gas / Warehouse Coordinator


Vacancy ID: Req000727

Date: 12 October 2015

Deadline: 22 October 2015

Work conditions: Full Time

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Salary: Negotiable

Job Description:

  • To guarantee the request, reception, storage, preservation and distribution of consumable materials and spare parts, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards in work site activities and with corporate procedures and standards;
  • Manage the request of materials for stores or project assuring the correct procedure for authorization;
  • Manage reception of materials and equipment according to orders issued by the main office or locally;
  • To arrange controls of all materials received and to notify any differences or damage to material;
  • Manage storage of materials received and to ensure storing and preservation in the preselected storage facility; 
  • To supervise the distribution of materials;
  • To execute the periodic and slow moving analysis in collaboration with corporate department;
  • To oversee the preparation and packing of material to be shipped and execute the preparation of the packing list in alignment with the corporate procedures;
  • To maintain a constant flow information and reporting to the vessel management and to the relevant corporate department;
  • To guarantee monitoring of deadlines and the notification of delays in the delivery of materials by suppliers, to request intervention of the appropriate area department responsible;
  • To ensure inventory of stored materials and updating database;
  • To be proactive and assertive, to act autonomously and to make contributions towards continuous improvement;
  • To involve the members of the team and guide them towards common objectives by dedicating time and attention to the development of individuals, to team dynamics and to the overall effectiveness of the group (communication of objectives, motivation, feedback on results and behaviour).


  • Must have at least 3 years experience in a similar role within Oil and Gas Industry
  • English (fluent), Azerbaijani (fluent).
  • Knowledge of electronic system and software supporting the processing of data, in order to  manage properly the stock; 
  • Capability to handle all materials in the store in compliance with Company quality policies;
  • Capability to manage the stock and to serve as fast as possible the department requests;
  • Capability to organize materials taking into account the space available, the frequency of requests from departments and in anticipation of future activities;  
  • Knowledge of Spare Parts Management, Client Supply Chain Workflow (PR/ PO/ requisition,• FAT/SAT, etc.) and warehouse management principles;
  • Good Computer skills (MS Office).