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Planning Engineer


Vacancy ID: Req000731

Date: 16 October 2015

Deadline: 10 November 2015

Work conditions: Full Time

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Salary: Negotiable

Job Description:

  • Ensure any deviation from plan is promptly spotted and analysed, final time impact is estimated and the effect of corrective actions taken is monitored; 
  • Update all Project Schedules, collecting actual data, evaluating forecast dates and monitoring any progress and productivity deviation compared with the baseline schedule;
  • Maintain the risk management process organizing periodic meetings and verifying the risk owners feedbacks;
  • Maintain records for all significant events, like contractual claims/obligations, productivity, deliverables, materials status, with extensive use of Company/Partner/Client IT systems and reports;
  • Create and maintain the 90 days look-ahead schedule, weekly, monthly;
  • Isolate any adverse trend and warn the PM on time to take corrective actions, issue weekly and monthly project reports (internal and for the Client);
  • Assist the Project Control Manager in the Project Status Report preparation;
  • Support the Project during the contract changes/claims process providing the time impact analysis;
  • Knowledge of CPM networking logic links. 
  • Capability of updating a network schedule. 
  • Ensuring the planning, scheduling, development, execution, monitoring, controlling and implementation set-up of the Progress Measurement System in accordance with the project complexity. 
  • Ensure any deviation from plan is promptly spotted and analysed, the final time impact is estimated and the effect of corrective actions taken is monitored;
  • Ability to evaluate performances which helps to understand what needs changes and improvements;
  • Provide the appropriate solution to a problem that hinders the attainment of production goals in the project life cycle; 
  • Capability to define and group the discrete work elements of a project in a way that helps inorganizing and defining the total scope of work of the project itself. 
  • Capability to establish the overallproject Breakdown Structure and relevant coding system to meet all control requirements (e.g. WorkBreakdown Structure / Cost Breakdown Structure / Organization Breakdown Structure).
  • Capability toensure that cost control and scheduling systems are compatible;
  • Capability to prepare reporting according to Company Standards and Project requirements and check the report reliability;
  • To summarise the key variables of an articulate and complex problem quickly, reaching a concrete, feasible and functional solution;
  • To focus on the objective, maintain a clear vision and implement actions and decisions to reach the target within the planned time frame and budget, overcoming difficulties and coping with complexities;
  • To be proactive and assertive, to act autonomously and to make contributions towards continuous improvement;
  • Ability to use different styles of communication, pay attention to others (listening), tune into the other person (empathy), as well as discuss contents and build relations;
  • To collaborate productively in the pursuit of shared objectives and contribute towards creating a positive climate in the team by assigning value to integration.


  • Higher education – Degree in Master Business Administration is preferable;
  • Attendance to Project Management courses is an advantage;
  • Young talents with limited work experience are also welcome. 
  • Background in Oil and Gas industry is an advantage; 
  • English (fluent), Azerbaijani (fluent).
  • Knowledge of planning software such as Primavera Enterprise P6 and Microsoft Project;
  • Be proficient in MS Office programs, particularly in Excel;