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Oil and Gas / Production Trainer


Vacancy ID: Req000095

Date: 9 February 2015

Deadline: 19 February 2015

Work conditions: Contract

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Salary: Negotiable

Job Description:

  • Ensure the safe and effective delivery of courses
  • Ensure that the curriculum is delivered to satisfy customer requirements
  • Ensure that the curriculum is delivered in line with the timetable for the course
  • Maintain classroom discipline so as to provide equal opportunities for all learners to develop
  • Encourage learners to adopt a self directed learning style through coaching and mentoring
  • Encourage and support learners who may experience difficulties with the curriculum
  • Promote dialogue and involvement amongst all learners
  • Complete evaluations of activities and resources used
  • Ensure that all resources are used in a manner that will ensure prolonged life span and report all faults to the appropriate personnel as soon as practicable 
  • Work with and provide advice to English Language Trainers in terms of specialised vocabulary 
  • Maintain records of absence, punctuality and behaviour for all learners in the classroom
  • Formulate, invigilate and mark assessment tools so as to ascertain learner’s progress
  • Ensure that all administration duties are fulfilled to ensure continuous delivery of the curriculum and to satisfy customer reporting requirements
  • Propose any revisions to the curriculum within area of expertise that will meet the requirement for continuous improvement
  • Take an active role in the development of proposals for new policies
  • Take an active role during internal and external safety audits
  • Report and assist investigation of accidents and near misses
  • Assist in the completion of COSHH and Risk Assessments
  • Ensure own continuous professional development through participation in training and development activities pertinent to area of expertise
  • Undertake other duties and responsibilities as determined by the Senior Instructor as appropriate to the general character of the post or the level of responsibility entailed
  • Promote a pro-active safety culture within company
  • Promote a pro-active behavioural culture within company


  • Communication and interpersonal skills, including persuading, influencing, counselling, management of meetings and presentation skills
  • Developing relationships through establishing networks and rapport 
  • Information technology, use of PC systems and appropriate keyboard skills
  • Collecting and assembling information through questioning, listening, debating and researching
  • Make decisions via consensus, information or through initiative
  • Competence/Personal Attributes:Results Orientation; Analytical Thinking; Forward Thinking; Interpersonal awareness; Rational Persuasion; Team Orientation; Strategic Thinking; Positive self-image; Adaptability; Self-control