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Oil and Gas / HSE Manager


Vacancy ID: Req000795

Date: 7 April 2016

Deadline: 27 April 2016

Work conditions: Full Time

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Salary: Negotiable

Job Description:

  • Ensures project site adheres to company and regulatory HSE standards and guidelines
  • Conducts onsite risk assessment and mitigation
  • Manages, trains and supervises HSE employees, inspectors, and other employees working in the HSE department on a project through an expert knowledge of the Company’s HSE standards, programs and goals
  • Manages the application of HSE procedures as established by the Company on a project site or in an office through departmental training.
  • Provides guidance, assistance and advice to business lines, project management, and company organizations through interpretation of Company HSE practices and procedures in relation to client requirements and current legislation and regulations
  • Liaises as necessary between the Company, Client, insurance carriers and regulatory agencies in order to provide assistance and resolution in regard to audits, remedial actions, worker’s compensation claims and other HSE related issues
  • Makes decisions independently on engineering/scientific problems and methods relating to HSE using advanced techniques, modifications and extensions of theories, precepts and practices of the particular field, related sciences and disciplines
  • Provides input for HSE permit preparation on projects by maintaining expert knowledge of current guidelines and regulations
  • Supervises the monitoring of HSE metrics in order to provides recommendations to HSE management when necessary to meet Company HSE standards and goals
  • Oversees the development of approaches and solutions to HSE-related issues including managing investigations of accidents and near-misses, summarization of findings, and recommendation of strategies to prevent recurrences; supervises proposals and the implementation of a course of action approved by the Company and the Client
  • Oversees the collection, protection and data storage related to project incidents that may result in litigation
  • Supervises the preparation, maintenance, retrieval, and communication of records, reports, or documents that may be required to meet corporate or regulatory requirements, including monitoring the application of HSE standards and goals
  • Other related duties/functions as assigned


  • High education
  • Ten (10) years of HSE related experience
  • Fluent Azeri, Russian and English