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Oil and Gas / Technology Systems Manager


Vacancy ID:

Date: 12 May 2016

Deadline: 31 May 2016

Work conditions: Full Time

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Salary: Negotiable

Job Description:

  • Provide the Company with technology infrastructure development and execution plans;
  • Assist in coordination of technical aspects of systems development;
  • Assist in purchase of required hardware and software;
  • Oversee installation;
  • Ensure effective operations of back-up systems;
  • Contribute to organisational policy regarding quality standards and strategic planning.
  • Evaluating user needs and system functionality and ensuring that Company assets and facilities meet these needs;
  • Planning, developing and implementing the IT related budget ensuring cost effectiveness via pro active aproach;
  • Scheduling upgrades and security backups of hardware and software systems;
  • Researching and advice on aquaring new and/or updated systems;
  • Guaranteeing the smooth running of all Company systems, including anti-virus software, print services and email provision;
  • Ensuring that software licensing laws are adhered to;
  • Providing secure access to the network for remote users;
  • Securing data from internal and external attack;
  • Offering external and internal users appropriate support and advice;
  • Managing crisis situations, which may involve complex technical hardware or software problems both inhouse and abroad;
  • Mentoring and training new support staff;
  • Keeping up to date with the latest technologies;
  • Dealing with change management when/if needed by business needs;
  • Identification, resolution of issues that may compromise plant safety or reliability;
  • Ensure that an evaluation of abnormal activities is carried out and that appropriate; controls, risk assessments & approvals are in place before the activity is commenced;
  • Develop procedures, Equipment Integrity Checklists, Operating Procedures and Maintenance Preparation Procedures for the IT support staff;
  • Building Company’s internal IT infrastructure considering excisting assets, growing IT infrastructure of Business units;
  • Design and implement corporate requirements for Information Technology Systems (such as IP telephony system, converged network systems, server farm, data backup systems. 
  • Design and implementation of Company computer and telephony network;
  • Managing of information technology division;
  • Decommissioning and Operation of existing projects/systems, implementing them into existing IT infrastructure;
  • End-user support and supervision of workstations (laptopt and desktops).