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Retail Sales / Store Manager


Vacancy ID:

Date: 19 July 2016

Deadline: 19 August 2016

Work conditions: Full Time

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Company: HRC

Salary: Negotiable



  • The post of the Director of the store is assigned a person who has higher education, work experience in a managerial position in sales of not less than 3 years, corresponding to the requirements of the Profile position "Director of the store."
  • Provide high quality customer service advisors store according to approved standards of customer service.
  • Organize a smooth operation of the store.
  • Effectively allocate consultants in the sales area.
  • Control the traffic and the cost store.
  • Monitor all processes for receiving, movement and accounting of inventory in the store.
  • Be responsible for the training of interns, for attachment to him for training mentor.
  • Monitor and improve the professional level of employees.
  • Monitor the timely exit the store employees to work.
  • Conduct daily morning meeting for 15-20 minutes before the start of the working day.
  • Controlling the presence of workers in the workplace during working hours.
  • Monitor the neat appearance of staff and the availability of corporate form.
  • Monitor the work of employees of the store and perform their duties and customer service standards.
  • Monitor work schedule of employees, and holidays.
  • Track abuse and non-compliance with his duties on the part of the store employees to promptly inform about any violations HR department.
  • Timely inform staff about new orders and instructions of the Company’s management, monitor their implementation.
  • Monitor work desks, checking the availability of funds and / or to carry out an independent recount in store cashier and the cashier store manager according to the program. In case of shortage in the store checkout or cashier store manager immediately inform the CFO and Retail Director to clarify the circumstances.
  • To control the placement and display of goods in accordance with the Rules of the merchandise, the labeling of products, as well as window dressing.
  • Monitor the timely filling of voids in the windows.
  • Control the flow of goods in the trading room with shop warehouse and order goods from a central warehouse.
  • Monitor the availability of current price tags on goods established sample.
  • Be responsible for the registration of shares in the hall
  • Timely to provide all the information at the request of the Director-Retail, including on goods with a minimum of critical residues, faulty or defective in.
  • Personally regulate all operations return, exchange, cancellation, revaluation of reservation.
  • Personally, organize and participate in the audit and inventory of material assets, check the complete packaging of goods, certify and submit the audit reports.
  • Assess the competition in accordance with approved standards.
  • Participate in the preparation of plans and turnover of commodity software.
  • To provide overall control over the safety of products, commercial equipment and other tangible assets.
  • To control the serviceability of equipment sales area.
  • Monitor the cleanliness and order in the commodity sections, the trading floor, in the warehouse and in the surrounding area as a whole.
  • Organize service buyers who commit large purchases.
  • Consider claims related to poor customer service, to take timely measures to resolve conflicts with customers.
  • Inform the management about the shortcomings in customer service, the measures taken to eliminate them.
  • Timely and well at the end of the day to set the alarm on commercial property and inspect the premises at the beginning of each working day.
  • Daily control of current spending store.
  • Timely fill out the application form for the current store costs.


  • Effective operation of the store, getting store profits by implementing the targets for sales, conversion, according to the average check, the level of customer service (compliance with store standards of customer service personnel).