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Oil and Gas / Materials Coordinator


Vacancy ID:

Date: 25 July 2016

Deadline: 25 August 2016

Work conditions:

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Company: HRC

Salary: Negotiable


  • Procurement of tools, materials and equipment required for Base operations and facility maintenance as required through the use of Maximo. In some specific cases, DR submission may need follow up with Supply Chain Management department, i.e. once DR is approved it may need a special follow up with involved of SCM specialist.
  • Process invoices received from various vendors for delivered materials or the service provided. Team admin’s duty is to submit the invoice to relevant team member for verification and after this submit it to line manager for financial approval.
  • Assist Supply Base Tops in day-to-day coordination and management of business operational activities
  • Responsible to track project changes and produces updated site based schedule as agreed with engineering and project management
  • Requesting IT items – laptops, phones and etc. Ordering stationery supplies and PPE for the team. Arrange all admin support for new employee set-up (Security passes, inductions).. Manage BP PSCM and Logistics (L&I) PPE stock stored at Supply Base.
  • Transportation arrangements for employees, contractor or visitor during work time.
  • Manage/Coordinate used IT&S items stock stored at Supply Base, including disposal and scrapping of obsolete items (as per IT&S instructions).
  • Participate in site Safety Program (BOSS, Hazard Hunts, etc.).
  • Ensure the wire rope slings stock at the Base and the consignment stock are maintained at adequate level as per operational needs through timely placing orders for replenishment.
  • Organization of laboratory testing of diesel from Oil Base of vendors by third party (Intertek Azeri), ensure diesel quality compliance with BP requirements.
  • Organization and support of site visits and survey for contractors at Diesel Tank Farm.
  • Checking (confirmation) invoices against manifests and Work Acceptance. 
  • Coordination of diesel delivery from vendors to DTF and from Diesel Tank Farm to BP assets.
  • Involved in monthly fuel reconciliation and mass balancing
  • Maintain tracking of KPIs on weekly basis
  • Interface with various Supply Base teams on operational/maintenance tasks and priorities.
  • Provide operational input into modification projects, coordinate ad-hoc projects at Supply Base as required.
  • Monitor and ensure compliance of waste management/disposal activities at Supply Base. 
  • Maintain interface with BP Logistics Operations and PSCM Category Specialist to ensure required contractual obligations are met.
  • Ensure adequate support is provided to third party facilities located at Supply Base (e.g. Weatherford).
  • Liaise with BP PSCM, BP Logistics, BP Finance, BP Engineering, Bos Shelf Security and third party contractors on improvement activities
  • Manage and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services (Finance etc.), through improvements to each function as well as coordination and communication between support and business functions
  • Coordinate and manage project tasks to ensure project delivery within allotted budget and timelines. Direct support to Supply Base Team Leader, BP Logistics (L&I)
  • Coordinated with the management in preparing and handling the monthly/annual budget and submitting it
  • Understanding the hazard profile of the Division/Department and the systems in place to ensure risks are adequately controlled.
  • Understanding the quality and HSE requirements in customer contracts and projects and ensuring they are met during delivery stage.
  • Managing and controlling risks at strategic levels and ensuring the workforce is trained and well informed.
  • Setting the tone in matters of HSEQ - setting standards that meet CLIENT or client QA & HSE requirements, abiding by them and seeing that others do as well.
  • Motivating and inspiring the workforce to overcome barriers and encouraging innovation.
  • Engaging the workforce in the promotion and achievement of safe and healthy conditions and quality requirements.
  • Communicating to the workforce their HSEQ responsibilities and holding them accountable.
  • Fostering a “just culture” and not tolerating poor health and safety attitudes or performance. 
  • Getting involved by being visible at the worksites and making regular interventions to reaffirm the effectiveness of the QHSE Management system and demonstrating interest and care and concern.
  • Challenging risk perception, particularly for those tasks commonly referred to as “routine”.
  • Ensuring corrective actions are effectively implemented and learning’s are shared and understood following an investigation of HSE incidents, quality non-conformities or customer complaint.
  • Regularly taking part in HSEQ meetings and annual reviews of the division/department’s performance and communicating matters of concern to the management team.
  • Adherence to the procedures as laid down by the Human Resource Management System and to take an active part in the Performance Management Process
  •  To be a “team player” and supporting a culture of continuous improvement.
  • To put forward suggestions for improvements and carry through agreed actions.


  • University degree in Engineering, Procurement or other technical discipline 
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility and well-being to everyone around, follow OMS and contribute to a safe and sustainable work place.
  • Adhere to the Code of conduct, respect the views and feelings of others and create inclusion in a diverse workplace.
  • Learn to apply best practice, act with professionalism, strive for excellence, foster learning, share knowledge and continuously improve.
  • Always aim to do the right thing and speak out when something is not right, acknowledge and learn from mistakes and accept new ideas as a challenge.
  • Put the team first, value contribution from colleagues, deliver on accountabilities, support and help people develop capabilities.  
  • Good command of the English language, written and verbal – ability to communicate information clearly, concisely, accurately.
  • Computer Literate – particularly Excel and Word.
  • Team Player, excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Conscientious, reliable, hardworking, professional, and motivated.
  • Customer focus.
  • Detail oriented; able to work in a fast paced industry.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.