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FMCG / Director of sales


Vacancy ID:

Date: 15 May 2017

Deadline: 30 June 2017

Work conditions: Full time, Contract

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Company: HRC

Salary: negotiable




  • Management of sales.
  • Participation in elaboration of plans for sales and company’s budget.
  • Operation of company’s credit and commercial policy.
  • Operation of the budget in sales department.
  • Operation,confirmation of motivational model of payment for sales personeel.
  • Orginizing the work od sales department(recruiting,training,control the personnel)
  • Routing of sales representatives
  • Negotiation with customers and key clients.
  • Cooperation with logistic department in order to provide  required stock of the products,delivery of production to the customers. 
  • Control over the preparation and realization of trade marketing events,control over the effectiveness and quality of  the held trade-marketing campaigns.
  • Achievements of target indicators

- ammount of sales.
- profitability
-accounts receivable

  • Ability to manage and imspire the team.
  • Expected/required results
  • Presenting  the new products into the marke(vine,vodka, whiskey)





  • Good communication skills,leadership,high abilities for orginizing,managing and analyting.
  • Systematic approach for resolving the tasks,understanding the principles of trade, principles of marketing,knowlegde of the product market.
  • Control the sales and distribution, developement of effective distribution , exercise control over development and realization of sales plans, planning the tasks,budget of department,control over enforcement,optimization, to enable accurate budgeting, accounting accepted by the company.
  • Organizing and conducting the meetings,negotiations .
  • Strategic vision, budget planning and guidance to staff.
  • Result-oriented mindset, active attitude,ability to work in the team and independently,the high level of proficiency in PC (MS Office, PowerPoint),
  • Work experience in commercial director position or sales director not less than 3 years in the area of trade FMCG
  • Work experience in international compaly would be considered as an advantage.
  • English – speaking and writing.
  • Knowledge of trade and marketing principles,knowledge of the products’market,control over the sales and distribution.Experience in operation and realization of the business strategy,development of effective distribution,experience in sales  planning and department’s budgetв,control the plans and budget