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Oil and Gas / Payroll Methodologist


Vacancy ID:

Date: 12 July 2017

Deadline: 12 August 2017

Work conditions: Full Time

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Company: HRC

Salary: negotiable



  • Analysing and monitoring legislation of Republic of Azerbaijan in the part of payroll processing
  • Preparation of a methodology documents
  • Research,description and elaborating of business processes, processes modelling
  • Setting technical targets for IT-specialists,1C consultants,1C programmers
  • Preparing the forms,client servicing standards,control over adherence to procedures for payroll processing and  in interaction with related units of the company
  • Participation in elaboration of regulatory documents in department(writing instructions,orders)
  • Participation in creating supervision system of payroll processing maintainance of clients-compnies
  • Preparating the bulletins on legislative changes
  • Methodological support ,consulting  the Company  specialists 
  • Paticipation in consulting and other department’s projects
  • Consulting the clients
  • Internal reporting
  • Implementing different work,related to production process commissioned by immediate supervisor, or  superiors
  • Defining complete set of group by personnel and recruiting the candidates for available vacancies,training the new staff members  in the group and facilitating their adaptation and integration into collective
  • Providing consulting support and professional assist to staff members in group
  • Participation in defining,forming,documenting and introducing business processes(internal and external)
  • Monitoring the delivery of timeliness and quality of provided services for companies-clients
  • Describing and detailing the work processes with clients,unification of the service delivery processes
  • Assisting in establishing service delivery for new clients
  • Reinforce the information related to company activities,internal regulations  and personal obligations through the chain of command
  • Participation in forming the programmes for the personnel professional development
  • Implementation of competent and timely payroll processing and employee compensation benefits for companies-clients in accordance with current Azerbaijani legislation
  • Monitoring the performance or compilation  within the legally established time limits. Necessary tax and fees reporting forms from companies-clients, specified in conditions of contract with clients and current legislation
  • Providing  oral and written clarification to contracts of companies-clients on aspects related to produced payments,and also on requests to contract persons of companies-clients, consulting them on issues relating to Azerbaijan  labor and tax legislation in the part, regarding wages 
  • Provide additional payment and reporting on request by companies-clients 
  • Preparation the full package of required documents  based on the results for the companies-clients
  • Requests by the companies-clients to provide the data and documents ,required for reporting payroll processions and  accounting entries according to established schedule of workwithin the projected time frames
  • Records management for each attached companies-clients in separate folder in accordance with accepted rules in the Company
  • Enhance the qualification both independently and at  intra-corporate seminars on accounting and taxes,and also at open courses,participation in which paid by Company


  • Higher accounting or economic education
  • Experience as a manager of payment process department in big company not less than 3 years(required)(preferably in the oil industry)
  • English knowledge
  • Ability to work on PC,1С Payroll and Personnel management,1C accounting 8.2,MS Office,ability to use legal systems
  • Profound knowledge of current legislation related to payroll processes and Azerbaijani Labor Code in the part of payment process
  • Attention to details
  • Ability to work under stress
  • Punctuality