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Oil and Gas / Analyzer


Vacancy ID:

Date: 24 August 2017

Deadline: 24 September 2017

Work conditions: Full time, Contract

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Company: HRC

Salary: Negotiable



  • Demonstrates working knowledge of the PP and HDPE Plants and can describe its Purpose and Products including the following: analyzer philosophy for different process units, importance of moisture measurement in Reactor process unit, gas sampling methodology for online analyzers and LAB analysis, the importance of and reasons for Emission monitoring devices, the importance of sample handling systems for the different Powder and Pellet units.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of Networking systems and OPC / Modbus interface used in analyzer systems.
  • Understand the fundamentals of the following Systems: purpose and operation of PLC and DCS systems, purpose and operation of Process Analyzer Control systems, the purpose and utilization of SCADA systems.
  • Demonstrates Working knowledge of the various drawings used within the plant by explaining the following: PFD’s - Purpose and Application, P&ID’s - Purpose and Application, Analyzer Sample System - Purpose and Application.
  • Understand and describe all the Facets of Analyzer Shelters including the following: Analyzer Shelter Concepts & design considerations, Analyzer House Concepts & Design considerations Protection Levels & Risk Analysis, Safety Area Classification & Design considerations to meet industry standards.
  • Understand and Describes Gas Chromatography (GC.) working principles and Fundamentals and possesses Expert working knowledge of the different types of detectors used in GC’s.
  • Demonstrates Expert Knowledge and understanding of GC working philosophy by explaining the following systems and procedures:  Separation Columns Different Types of switching valves, different Types of detectors, different Types of carrier gas and their application, purpose of Method tables, different Calibration procedures and their application, ASTM 1945 test procedure for Fiscal GC’s.
  • Demonstrates Expert Knowledge and understanding of Water Analyzers by giving a detaled description the following: the Application of these analyzers, the Operating principles, the calibration and maintenance philosophies for the Analyzers.
  • Explain what the term "Wobbe Index" means and then expand on the following concepts of these specific Analyzers: operating principles and maintenance philosophy.
  • Demonstrate how to by pass the Analyzer for maintenance.
  • Explain how a Analyser Spare part inventory list is Drawn up and how this list is then audited against the actual.
  • Explain what system is in place to audit and monitor the actual Spare parts Inventory.
  • Explain which systems are utilized for Accurate  Inventory and Stock control which will ensure continuous Analyzer operation.
  • Demonstrates and Explain Expert working knowledge of the following applicable Documents used in the Daily activities of the Analyzer department:  PFD’s and P&Id’s, Logic and Loop Diagrams, installation Lists and Instrument location Lists, specification Forms and Operating Instructions, all the applicable Company PP/HDPE Standards and Regulations.
  • Develop and review Analyser SOP’s
  • Ensure that Analyser filing system, Documentation, SAP Masterdata of equipment and Bill of Material is up to date.




  • Analyzer Specialist Experience 8-10 years is a minimum
  • Experience coaching and training, able to write development plan
  • Ability to demonstrate experience in writing procedures
  • Knowledge of the PP and HDPE plant operation