Operations Executive

  • Date: 19 November 2019
  • Deadline: 19 June 2020
  • Work conditions: Full time
  • Location: Baku
Job Description
  • Advise and recommend business solution, operation engineering support and enabling functions and first line maintenance activities in-line with operating procedure, guideline and practice to ensure integrity, HSE cost effective, minimal gas renting/flaring and optimal production of hydrocarbon to meet field/terminal business objective.
  • Drive efforts to realize maximum oil and gas production of the field, through thorough analysis of equipment and process performance for optimum facilities uptime and effective operations.
  • Propose, spearhead & advise the value-creation initiatives for facilities improvement to enhance production and review the field/terminal work plan and budget (WP&B) proposed by operator. Analyze and track utilization of budget by partner in carrying out the planned production merchandising and first line maintenance activities to ensure effective utilization of producing CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Lead technical evaluation of all sourcing/purchasing activities by operator in meeting technical specification and operational requirements. 
  • Identify & analyze the resolution on operational issues and concerns (e.g. facilities maintenance, field improvement proposal, construction work request, problematic well advice & oil/gas terminal serviceability.) in collaboration with technical experts from HQ (e.g. Maintenance Department, Well Engineering Services, etc.) to ensure maximum uptime of the field/terminal. Generate & produce the daily production & sales report to management and address the operational issues highlighted by operator with proper plans and actions taken for improvement.
  • Compile and consolidate planned shutdown by operator and synergize with the overall production forecast that would support the commercial decision by company. Drive and spearhead the shutdown post mortem on lesson learnt for future improvement, review and analyze downtime alert report generated by operator (unplanned shutdown) to provide recommendations for improvement to reduce unplanned deferment.


  • Foster and sustain effective working relationships and rapport with the operator, government authorities, business and management institutions, national and key industry players and service providers to keep abreast with latest development to capture new business opportunities.
  • Enforce the implementation of applicable company procedures and guidelines and affect the compliance to statutory and legislative requirements to ensure conformance to the established Limits of Authority (LOA) to safeguard company interest, image and reputation.
  • Communicate, interpret and champion the execution of the objectives and provisions of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and Codes of Conduct & Business Ethics (COBE) and undertake appropriate mitigation and/or intervention programs to safeguard business operations, high staff discipline and industrial harmony.
  • Support the development of competent working team that will enhance and sustain staff capabilities in achieving high performance delivery to ensure internalization of the right leadership and capabilities in executing their jobs.
  • Develop and implement distinctive mindset, behavior and culture to achieve high work performance by adoption and implementation of value interventions, tools and methodologies to promote and instill high sense of commitment, ownership, integrity and loyalty that will contribute to operational excellence.


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