Date: 09 December 2021

Deadline: 09 January
Work conditions: Full time
Location: Baku
T24 Automation Engineer
The qualified applicant will be responsible for writing test cases and reporting on quality metrics, influencing software design, product development, and release cycles to ensure changes are of high quality and meet requirements. The candidate will also perform functional requirements testing of software builds and regression testing as well as documenting the results and findings.
  • Good Knowledge of Web Environment, Web Elements, and Operations on the Web Elements.
  • Basic Understanding of Functional and Regression Test Automation.
  • Good knowledge of Selenium suite of Tools (Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid).
  • Knowledge of Java Programming (Data Types, Variables, Operators, Flow Control Statements, Methods (Built-in as well as User-defined), Exception handling, File Handling, Excel file Operations, Database Operations and OOPS concepts).
  • Good knowledge of Element Locators, Inspecting Elements, and Selenium WebDriver API Commands or Methods.
  • The idea on Test Automation Framework implementation
  • Ability to create & execute Test cases using Element Locators and Selenium WebDriver API Commands
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