Human Resources Outsourcing

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Human Resources Support Services
Tailored to Your Needs
We have developed a
Support at Office - support for personnel files, archive, and other HR functions with a team of expert staff at your office.
Remote Support - consultancy and management of personnel affairs, compliance with the laws with the questions and documents you will direct to us.
Employee Help Desk - instant support on topics such as payroll, personnel affairs and tax or employee support.
We are ready to assist you in difficulties you encounter in human resource management with our team of experts specialized in the field of human resources support services you need.

We help organizations to gain cost and time efficiencies and provide cutting edge over their human resource strategies , and improve services to their employees.
Full Human Resource Outsourcing Model
which offers companies end-to-end HR services and a single delivery capability.
Our HR outsourcing service helps organization to focus on internal resources towards doing that they do best and simultaneously help to control the bottom lines.
Preparation of Policies and Procedures for HR Structuring
HR Policies and Procedures give guidance on a range of employment issues for employees, managers and others with responsibility for people. They play an important role in practically and effectively implementing an organisation's HR strategy.

What we offer?

  • We conduct an analysis study and introduce you the current situation, and then draft an improvement plan for your needs in this area.
  • We audit the existing HR policies and procedures manual and or employee handbook to make sure that the details provided are relevant to the organization. Audit let you identify any HR gaps, and then we help you with an action plan to get your internal practices up-to day to keep protecting your company and employees.
  • We prepare policies and procedures that protect your business and standardize your culture.
Full HR Support Service
Our Full HR Support Service allows clients to concentrate on the core business activities.

  • Preparation of Employment Contract and Orders, Registration in E-Gov system
  • Obtaining Social Protection Cards, Labor Books. Ensuring timely records made to the books
  • Creating and maintaining employees' personal files
  • Opening bank account and bank cards to employees
  • Vacations, sick leave administration
  • Overtime, Bonus, Business Trips administration
  • Pre-employment medical checkup, Medical Insurance
  • Organizing employees' accident, disability and employers liability insurances
  • Preparation and submission of reports required by legislation
  • Legal advice and compliance.
Other HR Supports
  • Calculations based on simulations
  • Budget studies
  • Calculation of severance pay provision
  • Preparation of employment contracts of the new rules
  • Legislation updates.
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