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Enhancing People and Businesses
with our Soft Skills Training Courses
Training is essential for developing the skill sets within a business. Improve personal competence, communication, time and people management with our effective soft skills training solutions.

What we offer?
HR Administration Skills
Payroll Administration Skills
Travel Administration Skills
Recruitment Skills
Interview Skills for jobseekers
Receptionist skills
Office Management Skills
Train the Trainer
Psychometric testing is an invaluable part of all recruitment
Provide a full range of Saville accredited psychometric assessments
Focus on candidates abilities, personalities and leadership capabilities.

We offer a wide range of soft skills training courses to improve communication, influencing, meeting management, presentations, negotiating, creativity, problem solving and strategic thinking

We have a proven track record, delivering public, in-house and online courses for many companies in Azerbaijan.

Courses are delivered in English, Azerbaijani and Russian.

Presentation Skills
Stress Management
Change Management
Time Management
Effective Communication Skills
Work & Life Balance
Emotional Intelligence
and others.
Skills Training Courses
Psychometric Assessment & Testing
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