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HRC Out Staffing Services
Temporary/Permanent employees are hired by HRC to assist Clients to meet business demands on Project basis / Part Time / Full Time / Short and Long-term Contracts / Seasonal work and high level executive positions, could also be as a substitute for a permanent employee.
HRC employs new or existing Client's Employees. Employees (called “Contract Personnel” or “Contractor Employee(s)”) may either be sourced by HRC or directly nominated by the Client.
We easily adjust our processes and workflows to fit the specific client and his internal processes. We guide clients with the best practice and help to gain maximum performance out of the out staffing team.
is provision of unskilled to semi-skilled to skilled workers to clients from across diverse industries. Manage the attendance,
human resource, payroll process and disciplinary issues.
HR Administration Support Services
  • Preparation of Employment Contract, Registration n E-Gov system
  • Preparation of all orders required by the Law
  • Obtaining Social Protection Cards, Labor Books. Ensuring timely records made to the books
  • Creating and maintaining employees' Personal Files
  • Vacations, Sick leave administration
  • Pre-employment Medical checkup, Medical Insurance
  • Organizing employees' Accident, Disability and Employer’s Liability Insurances.
Payroll Administration Support Services
  • Timesheets processing
  • Maintenance of employees' payroll records
  • Processing Payroll ,Overtime, Onshore/Offshore, Vacations and Sick leaves calculations
  • Payroll accounting and Taxes, Salary, Holiday, Meal, Accommodation, Travel and other allowance payments
  • Preparation of employees' Pay Slips
  • Preparation of Payroll Summary Report
  • Reporting to the Tax authorities and related bodies
  • Opening bank account and Bank Cards to employees
  • Support and advice in respect of any employment issues.
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