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The primary objectives of the service are to free up client time, offer specialist experience and expertise, provide all clients with a dedicated payroll expert and generate meaningful cost-savings.
Simplify your Payroll Process - get timely, error-free solutions from HRC professional payroll team.
Streamline Time and Attendance - manage work schedules and vacation time, export labor analytics.
Get on Demand Payroll Reports.
With reliable, timely payroll services from our specialists, you can get back to focusing on the big picture, can give you time back, with end-to-end payroll services from specialists and simple, integrated technology to keep track of it all.
What we offer?
Timesheets processing
Maintenance of employee payroll records
Monthly salary payments
Vacation & sick pay accruals
Employee’s pay slips
Bank liaison
Payment orders
Pension fund, statistics & employer tax reports.
HRC offers

Payroll processes performed quickly and in a timely manner to meet all your reporting needs.
Expert team with full knowledge of Labor Law, Income Tax, Social Security.
High level technology to carry out integrated payroll process.
Security data sharing infrastructure in compliance with the protection of personal data.
Self-service system ERP Oracle.
The most current legislation both in English and Azerbaijani with a team of expert staff in related field.
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