Icherishekher Tour

The “Baku Acropolis”, “Old Town”, “Inner Town” – these are the names for this unique historical ensemble located right in the center of Baku. “Icheri Sheher” is the heart of the city. It was the place, on the hill by the very sea, where ancient Baku was originated.

Tour Program:

10:00-11:00 Shirvanshahs’ Palace (Shirvan Dynasty Palace Complex is a jewel in the crown of Azerbaijani architecture. It was erected there in the 15 th century (when Shirvan residence moved from Shemakha to Baku)

13:00 Maiden Tower (The most magnificent and mysterious landmark of near_qiz_qalasiBaku and in particular “Icheri-sheher” is “Gyz Galasy” – “The Maiden Tower”. It has no analogues in entire Orient and is considered an unofficial symbol of Baku)

14:00 Lunch in local restaurant

15:00-17:00 Walk in Inner City (Behind the dilapidated fortress’ walls there survived numerous unique monuments: divankhane,mosques and minarets, the ruins of caravanserais and bathhouses. The buildings of the old fortress are of special nature. Due to the insufficient territory, anciently, the buildings were erected “wall-to-wall” there. There were no gardens, while yards were extremely small and separated by “strings” of narrow streets, alleyways and tight corners)

The price for the tour start from 60 AZN The price for program will be flexible as the price also depends on the chosen restaurant and menu.
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Icherishekher Tour

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