Date: 12 September 2022

Salary: Negotiable
Work conditions: Full time
Location: Baku
QA/QC Engineer

• Prepare and regularly (weekly) submit reports and maintain records
• Manage the quality assurance/quality control function on-site on various project phases
• Prepare project site related reports and presentations as required and produce performance measurement tools to monitor the Contractor’s and project performance
• Ensure that the approved Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) and Method Statements are implemented by the Contractor on site and the particular hold points required are coordinated with the Project Team
• Conduct Quality or technical compliance audits for Contractor, Sub Contractor or Vendors
• Review QA/QC organization
• Review QA/QC Procedures as submitted by the Contractor’s and ensure implementation is in compliance with AGREEMENT requirements
• Review Inspection, Test, Plans as submitted by the Contractor’s and ensure compliance with AGREEMENT requirements
• Attend activities on site and ensure their compliance with QA/QC procedure in respect of the format signed off by the Contractor’s QA/QC Manager
• Closely monitor site activities, fully coordinate with PMC discipline engineers, issuing NCR’s in case of non-compliance and reporting to Senior Resident Engineer in case of shortage of skilled labourers and/or site supervision staff

Job Description

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