Date: 15 September 2022
Salary: Negotiable
Work conditions: Full time
Location: Baku
Chief Accountant
Reports to: Country Manager / Finance Manager

To provide financial and accounting support and ensure the integrity of internal control and reporting in full compliance of IFRS. This includes formulating business plans, forecasting, reporting financial results, monitoring the progress in business plan execution, cost management, and implementation of financial policies & procedures.

Bookkeeping and statutory accounting
• Manage all account receivables and payables activities and payment process as per statutory requirements and in full compliance with IFRS and company financial policies and procedures
• Recording of all transactions as per statutory requirements and in full compliance with IFRS and company financial policies and procedures
• Prepare monthly aging reports for account receivable and payables as per statutory requirements and in full compliance with IFRS and company financial policies and procedures
• Filing transfer pricing activities and notifications as per statutory requirements and in full compliance with IFRS and company financial policies and procedures
• Monthly reconciliation of bank account, customers/vender reconciliation and all balance sheet accounts as per statutory requirements and in full compliance with IFRS and company financial policies and procedures
• Project cost reporting – breakdown of capex and other significant balances as per statutory requirements and in full compliance with IFRS and company financial policies and procedures
• Process accruals as per IFRS standards
• Cash management and regular monitoring of cash flow and bank accounts balances
• Create purchase orders as per the agreements and matched to vendor invoices for payment process.
• Manage monthly, quarterly and annual closing processes, reporting and activities as per statutory requirements and in full compliance with IFRS and company financial policies and procedures
• Answer all financial queries
Payroll and other tax matters
• Manage all payroll function and accounting processes
• Prepare employees’ compensation by the end of each month
• Monitor employees timesheets and leaves
• Prepare monthly payroll reports, employee cost reports and payroll Tax reports
• Calculate the tax deductions on payroll and other taxes
• Prepare quarterly and annual VAT returns and other regulatory compliance returns such as business registry return
• Compute taxes and prepare tax returns
• Prepare taxation report as per the government specification and time line
• Submit the report as per the government timeline, regulations and guidelines
Financial Reporting
• Prepare monthly Balance sheet and Income Statement
• Prepare monthly advance payment report
• Requirement to provide financial statements in prescribed template (to be forward by client) to be provided by 4th working day after month end (UAE working week)
• Dependent on timing possible for some months to obtain a early simple report (monthly flash – high level financials)
• Provide Trial balance and summary of report of details in each balance
• Generate monthly management reports
• Prepare forecast and cash flow report
• Report on the company’s financial health and liquidity
Audit support
• Prepare year end Balance sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement in format to be provided and in local statutory format if required - IFRS compliant
• Support internal and external audit process
• Prepare and submit all the audit required documents and reports
• Take the necessary actions on all open audit points to close them successfully and minimise risk
• Answer all audit queries
• Negotiation with Tax and other relevant government authorities with regards to tax liability calculations.
• Advising on tax liability optimization and legal initiatives related to taxation in area of renewable energy.
Administrative support
• Compiling and presenting reports, budgets, business plans, commentaries, and financial statements
• Analyzing accounts and business plans
• providing tax planning services with reference to current legislation
• financial forecasting and risk analysis
• dealing with insolvency cases
• negotiating the terms of business deals and moves with clients and associated organizations
• meeting and interviewing clients
• Managing colleagues, workloads, and deadlines.
• Manage office supplies stock and place orders
• Prepare regular reports on expenses and office budgets
• Maintain and update company databases
• Organize a filing system for important and confidential company documents
• Answer queries by employees and clients
• Update office policies as needed
• Maintain a company calendar and schedule appointments
• Book meeting rooms as required
• Distribute and store correspondence (e.g. letters, emails and packages)
• Prepare reports and presentations with statistical data, as assigned
• Arrange travel and accommodations
• Schedule in-house and external events
Contribute to management & financial reporting (monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting)
• Review the P&L, balance sheet, performance management reports (financial components) and other reports on a periodic basis and ensure all approvals are obtained prior to reporting.
• Prepare forecasts, monthly management accounts, project reports, divisional reports ensuring that they are developed in an accurate and timely basis. Assist with the preparation of quarterly rolling forecasts, annual budgets and five-year business plans, including P&L and CAPEX for projects Validate and document information received and finalize the budget with the division for sign off prior to upload into the system.
• Monitor the monthly costs on certain projects by the activity code and prepare reports on cost versus budget. Prepare reconciliations and supporting documents/schedules/information that are required for the monthly management file, quarterly and annual review by the external auditors and information required to support the group information uploaded to the shareholder.
Prepare relevant updates and reports
• Prepare relevant reports and updates as required and to the desired standard.
Comply with information security policies, procedures and requirements at all times
• Adhere to any applicable company information security policies and procedures and identify and report security incidents and suspected weaknesses to the appropriate point(s) of contact.
• Protect assets under care (e.g. laptops and other devices) and information/credentials against unauthorized access, sharing, and/or damage/loss, in accordance with the Information Classification and Handling Procedure.
• Clear desks of all sensitive material and log off/ lock workstations at the end of the day and when leaving desk for a prolonged period in accordance with Acceptable Usage Policies.
• Ensure not installing, copying or modifying of any software on company equipment without authorization.
Support Quality Health and Safety Environment (QHSE) activities, policies and objectives of company and compliance with the laws and regulations of Abu Dhabi and UAE.
• Participate (when requested) in QHSE audits, office inductions, incident reporting and review of QHSE performances as applicable.

Job Description


Preferred Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in accounting or relevant discipline
• Qualified accountant CA, ACCA, CIMA

Preferred Experience:
• 4-6 years of experience in accounting involving similar responsibilities and activities and gaining exposure to all aspects of statutory accounting

Job-Specific Skills:
• Excellent computer literacy, with strong background in Excel, Word, Power Point
• Excellent communication skills (written & verbal)
• Native Azerbaijani, Proficient level of English - spoken and written
• Ability to work with,
• Strong analytical skills
• Attention to detail
• Planning and organizing

• Inclusion & diversity - intermediate
• Building effective relationships – basic
• Driving performance – basic
• Resilience & agility – basic
• Creativity & Innovation – basic
• Impact & influence – basic
• Strategic mindset – basic
• Leading others – being developed

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