To cut the costs of purchased products and services, to streamline processes and procedures, and reduce staff costs is real by using HRC Outsourced Procurement & Purchasing Service.

The process of Outsourced Procurement & Purchasing (PP) involves the transfer of your Procurement and Purchasing activity to a third party. This is done to reduce your company’s overall costs so that you can increase your focus on the core areas of your business.

Working with an experienced outsource PP provider allows you to benefit from specialist support and expertise that you may not have in-house.

Every business needs to buy in goods and services and this process can become increasingly complex and expensive. Outsourcing your PP to an HRC can help to focus on planning for the future.

Why choose HRC Outsourced PP?

  • We have expertise in all aspects of outsourced PP and we work closely with our Clients to provide the best solution.
  • We organize tender process which will allow Clients fully transparent choose Suppliers without any different cases.
  • We have ig experience in providing PP Services to the various Companies in Oui & Gas, Construction, Retail, FMSG and other sectors.
  • We look at your total costs with regards to PP acquisition and provide you with new processes, systems and expertise that will enable you to reduce costs.
  • We conduct a comprehensive review of your current processes, systems, and vendors, identify any existing problems and then put a transition plan in place that you are comfortable with to outsource the operation.
  • Once the review is complete and we have implemented all the necessary changes, we will then manage the day-to-day purchasing activity for your company.
  • Working with HRC will help you to reduce costs by addressing your current inefficiencies in process, inventory and supply chain.
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